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  1. I will never again vote for a Democrat

    11/21/08 13:45:49 | 0 Comments

    Hypocrisy is a tribute to ambiguity and ambivalence, it respects shades of gray and situations. I rarely say never because in the shadowy recesses of my brain, I know I could be caught red-faced.
  2. Klan Takes $2.5 Million Dollar Beating

    11/21/08 01:14:22 | 0 Comments

  3. Obama Declares War on Conservative Talk Radio

    11/19/08 15:01:06 | 0 Comments

    The radio localism argument is a good one; it's not about ideology, it's about strengthening communities, especially in remote and underserved regions. NPR is actually a pretty good model of a network that preserves a strong local and regional connection.

    The public airwaves belong to all of us, it's the commons; unfettered market capitalism should be kept in check by appropriate regulation, there are too many voices that are kept off the commercial airwaves because...
  4. Times Is Hard

    11/19/08 05:35:32 | 0 Comments

    toesval wrote:
    gosh, that must be an old video. Maura O'Connell does not look very comfortable, despite being a great singer. I think it's a TG4 vid, they've got a huge collection on YouTube. I love her voice.

    That's been a favorite song of mine since @1967; there was a musical review of Stephen Foster's life that was an employment venue for theatre students around Kentucky and Indiana, kind of a summer live theatre biopic, and the rendition of this song...
  5. Our Eliot Spitzer problem

    11/18/08 05:36:00 | 0 Comments

    lobo58 wrote:
    When we devalue respect for ownership, we devalue one another. That sounds pithy, but are you talking about private ownership only, or are you thinking about the commons, things owned by all the people of a community? Can you conceive that things may exist that are not owned by anyone? I think one might argue that the notion of ownership has profoundly distorted the humanity of those who value private ownership over all other forms.
  6. Mormons resigning from chuch in aftermath of Prop 8

    11/17/08 05:14:02 | 0 Comments

    So Jesus came to earth in the Middle East and started a religion... which spread to Greece, where it became a philosophy, then to Rome, where it became the government, then to Europe, where it became a .... and lastly to the USA, where it became a business.

    (I wish I could remember the mark Europe put on Christianity. Google isn't coughing up the answer, but the point is about the USA in any event.)
  7. Obama election spurs race crimes around country

    11/17/08 05:06:20 | 0 Comments

    GammaWaif wrote:
    Crimeny. That was deeply disturbing.
    Yeah, I had to stop it.

    Dave Neiwert blogs at Orcinus, mostly on minority rights and hate groups, sometimes about whales. It's a good venue for tracking this stuff.

  8. Should Hillary Clinton Be Secretary Of State?

    11/17/08 04:44:36 | 0 Comments

    Yeah, and Media Matters has a bit up from Hardball, with Michelle Bernard claiming that Hillary would run a parallel government. I can't quite buy it... and as I've said before, MoDo is a gifted woman with issues.

    I've also read a claim that the source of the story Andrea Mitchell broke was not "two Obama staffers," it was George Stephanopoulos,...
  9. just saying.....

    11/09/08 02:23:24 | 0 Comments

    sandrajean wrote:
    Our primary system is flawed, so that we don't always end up with the two best candidates.

    Perhaps we should vote for our number 1 choice, number 2 choice, etc and use statisitical weighting (proposed maybe in Science magazine twenty years ago or so). That's the voting method used in Ireland and in many parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand; some local jurisdictions have implemented it in the USA, where it's usually called Instant...
  10. will "White America" get credit for electing Obama?

    11/08/08 16:12:04 | 0 Comments

    AuntiPC wrote:
    My friend showed me a text today that said, "They wanted to give us 40 acres and a mule. We took the whole country and the White House." I was all, "Dood! Obama would have NEVER won without the white vote."

    The funnier one was, "All white people should report to the cotton field at 0700 for orientation." The slicing and dicing of the votes cast is well underway, and the data appears to show that Obama improved Dem...